Fashion’s New Frontiers

Fashion’s New Frontiers conference review

Fashion Mall
Fashion Mall

The Fashion Industry epitomises the complexities that supply chain strategists need to plan and manage. From sourcing fabric and trim through to delivering finished products to customers. The industry has moved from a supply push model to a demand driven model where the consumer pulls product through the supply chain. Fashion designers, catwalks and fashion editors are key influencers but the consumer determines what’s hot. Consumers are influenced not just by the fashion ‘gliterati’ but by their favourite celebrities, friends, TV programmes and everything else that they might be exposed to as a cultural influence. Fashion brands and business managers have to structure their supply chains to be efficient. This means keeping costs of supply chain throughput low. It also means delivering what customers demand at the right price point for their brand customer. There are many variables to manage in delivering fashion to customers and ultimately to consumers. The press report for this conference has a number of these key issues articulated within the discussions.



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