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Are you an aspiring Researcher?

If you are an active researcher in Supply Chain Management then you may find this article in the Journal of Business Logistics of interest. There is some solid advice here about how to approach writing up your research with tips on what you need to consider.

The abstract below will wet your appetite to read further… click on the link here.

A Trail Guide to Publishing Success: Tips on Writing Influential Conceptual, Qualitative, and Survey Research
Stanley E. Fawcett, Matthew A. Waller, Jason W. Miller, Matthew A. Schwieterman, Benjamin T. Hazen and Robert E. Overstreet
Volume 35, Issue 1 (March 2014)

“P ublishing in top journals is difficult. Common challenges undermine authors’ attempts to explain and influence their discipline’s understanding and practice. We identify and describe these roadblocks to publishing success. We also benchmark best practice in management, marketing, and supply chain journals to provide a trail guide for writing—and publishing—influential conceptual, qualitative, and survey research. Given equifinality in research, our trail guide should not be viewed as the only way to craft excellent, influential research. However, if we agree on the basics, we can (1) increase consistency in the review process, (2) reduce publication cycles, and (3) begin to roll back the length of articles. Keywords: theory development; storytelling; conceptual; qualitative; methodology”

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